Doing some more research on the Pripyat/Pripet Marshes

June 18, 2010

I’ve mentioned in a number of posts over the years about wanting to try some scenarios around the Pripyat Marshes/Pripet Marshes, as German forces were in action around there for a number of years. Direct clashes between German and Soviet troops can be done, as well as plenty of German troops versus Soviet partisan forces (much more risky).

In order to make some suitable wargaming terrain pieces, I’ve done internet searches to try to find some photos of the area, either from the War itself or now. Either would do!

My efforts in trying searches led to three main results as well as a secondary realisation, which I’ll mention first. That realisation is that, if you want to try your own searches, the two searches that get the best hits / best results are “pripet marshes” and also “pripyat marshes”. I tried other permutations of these as well, such as “pripyet marshes”, “pripat marshes”, “pripyat swamps” but they were nowhere near as successful. Don’t just use “pripyat” or “pripet” as that will get lots of results but they will mostly be about the town of Pripyat near the Chernobyl reactor, which is now a radioactive ghost town…you’ll be looking at lots of tourists’ photos of that town…when what you actually want are the Marshes some hundred or more kilometres away.

Now for the three main results I found and recommend! The first two are similar in purpose. C.T. Evans has a webpage simply called “Pripyat Marshes”. It has two photos that have been borrowed from elsewhere, and both photos are of the Marshes today. WWW Belarus have a page called “Ecology in Belarus: a chance for Pripyat'”. It has two small photos but they reinforce what you see on C.T. Evans’ page… evidently you can choose from thickly treed (but thin trunked, small trees) with wet grassy surface, or open waterways with bushy banks.

The third is a great find. Axis History Forum, which I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, has a discussion about which Skijäger unit(s) fought in the Pripet marshes in 1944.  Two participants have provided photos of Skijägers in the Marshes negotiating the horrible terrain, which you’ll see if you click here and scroll down the resulting page!

So, armed with all this (pardon the pun), we can now set out trying to make some terrain/scenery to reflect all this. I already have!


2 Responses to “Doing some more research on the Pripyat/Pripet Marshes”

  1. Paul said

    Sounds like a sticky place to game, good luck with this one.

    • Eastern Funker said

      It was horrible. Soviet Partisans loved it and they were heavily concentrated in there. Lots of parts of it can’t be entered by vehicles, even light ones.

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