Construction and painting of UM 356, the Hetzer tank destroyer

June 29, 2010

Both halves of the kit are completed and were sprayed again with Chaos Black undercoat to ensure consistency. The muffler has not been glued on as it is positioned right near where the top half of the hull is glued to the bottom half, but this is only one piece; it will be quick to do and starting the ‘Doug Chaltry technique’ is far more important, as the technique involves many stages and takes time to finish.

I loaded extra supplies onto these kits, so they don’t look as sleek and streamlined as the kit boxes depict or recommend. Each one got extra track links; many got a water jerrycan; all got the optional extra toolbox and all are carrying a complete extra idler wheel. The extra idler wheel was to reflect that by the late part of the War (1944-1945) some German AFV maintenance crews knew that spares couldn’t be simply ordered from Berlin when requireded, thus some AFVs went about carrying plenty of spares/replacement parts of their own that had been taken off superceded vehicles or salvageable knocked-out vehicles.

So, it’s time to break out the Desert Yellow to get the basic Dunkelgelb coat complete and my vehicle component colour paints to get all of the ‘Doug Chaltry technique’ out of the way.

By the way, since I’m talking about UM, they recently redesigned their website. Here’s the link!

2 Responses to “Construction and painting of UM 356, the Hetzer tank destroyer”

  1. Paul said

    Nice post, next one can we see some picy’s of these nastie little beasts!

    I think its always good to add some clutter to AFV’s.

  2. Eastern Funker said

    Completely agree. Hence why there are so many accessory kits you can buy of extra roadwheels, toolboxes, tools…and useful ideas like yours of making tarps out of kitchen foil that can then be added as extra external baggage!

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