Terrain that could have been

July 19, 2010

Here’s a resin Orthodox church I finished on the weekend. I’ve given you both the ‘natural lighting’ version and the ‘computer adjusted’ lighting version of the two photos.

It’s a single piece, made of resin and very well cast…I didn’t have to sand back or file off anything at all.

Initially I delayed painting it, as it seemed a bit daunting. I had some colour photographs of wooden Orthodox churches (and a wooden Viking-age church) and the variations in wood colour and weathering of the wood made me feel like no matter what I did, it wouldn’t look true to life. But once the Scorched Earth went on the walls and the Bestial Brown went on the roof tiles/roof shingles, my confidence was restored and the piece was done in a couple of short bursts over a couple of nights. It looks all right!

I could have done it as white walls, and photos often show the majority of them as stone/brick/whitewashed plaster walls.

But this is terrain that could have been for two reasons:

  1. This is only for 15mm gaming, not 20mm (1/72 or 1/76), so it’s the wrong scale. Put one of my tanks or bases of infantry next to it and you’d see the difference.
  2. This is to be used for wargaming a period 750-1000 years earlier than World War Two! Back then, there was only one stone church in all of Russia, The Church of the Tithes in Kiev. The rest of them were all in wood. So churches like this are far more representative of the time.

I suppose a future project would be to make something similar in 20mm scale using sheet styrene and foamcore board? Then I could have a small stone Orthodox church in a village..whether or not it is being used as a church or a storehouse would depend on what month I’m gaming, as Stalin had to permit churches to re-open once the Great Patriotic War was identified as the major war it was going to be and faith in religion (and not blind faith in Stalin) was permitted in order to bolster the people’s morale and will to fight.


A report on Friday’s game is still being written. It’s nearly done and it will be the next post on this blog.


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