Painting the tracks on UM’s Hetzer the Doug Chaltry way

July 26, 2010

I’ve mentioned a number of times that I use what I call “The Doug Chaltry technique” for painting AFV tracks. The links I had on this blog to thewebpage that I found it on probably don’t all point there now, as that webpage had an address and server change – so here’s a link to the correct page now.

Here are some photos showing my local variation of this technique using the paints and inks I prefer.

Before we start – tracks begin with basic black undercoat already sprayed on:  .

The first step in the technique is to apply a dark grey.  I use my homemade Panzer Grey. These photos hopefully will show the difference between my Panzer Grey and the undercoated black. In this photo, I’ve finished painting the grey on  two of the platoon of four vehicles, see the contrast:  .

One track black, the other grey: .

Spare links mounted on the roof or sides – before: and after: .

All four done: and here’s the detail of one of them: .

Somehow I got it in my head that the lower hull and undercarriage were Dark Green. I now know that this was not so – so I’m going to have to do some fancy painting to fix this.

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