Painting the tracks on UM’s Hetzer the Doug Chaltry way, part 3

August 7, 2010

We’re over the first major hurdles now. In fact, we are pretty much at the middle…one way of reading Doug’s technique for painting AFV tracks would in fact suggest that we are at stage 4 of 6…representing the steel.

I liberally drybrush on my metallic paint, as tracks should appear well-worn unless the vehicle has just rolled off the assembly line or been fitted with brand-new tracks, in which case there would still be plenty of protective grease on them. Here’sa photo of the metal paint going on: . In this photo, one and a half of the visible tracks have been done: and now all done: .

Now I move down his instructions and commence again where he talks about making tracks look dirty. Step 5 is to apply a brown wash again, this one is 50%-50% Chestnut Ink and water:

When dry, the steel paint should be the strongest feature but it should be a bit “browned”, as you can see here: .

The final step is to add a very thin black wash. That’ll get done soon.


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