The IPMS Australia Swap & Sell on sunday was “a good day”!

August 17, 2010

On Sunday morning I toddled along to the IPMS Swap & Sell here in Melbourne. The weather was poor but we didn’t care…we were focussed on getting model kits at great prices.

For me, it was a very “good day to die”…I mean “to buy”! I walked away with seven kits for the grand fee of $70 (not including the $3 to get in to the venue). Here’s what I got: – all were still sealed in their plastic bags, even if the boxes themselves had been opened.

Here’s two photos of the punters shopping till they drop (next to the canteen where revitalising tea, coffee and snacks were very reasonably priced!): – the paper lanterns provided a cheery contrast to the grey, wet weather outside.

To the specific reasons for my good cheer:

  • The Tiger II is the fourth one I’ve bought, so I now have a whole platoon. Because I have a whole platoon, this vehicle now gets higher priority for assembly and painting as they can actually be used in a game! Also, it means Peter and I can have nasty, heavy AFV battles like Tiger II’s versus ISU-152’s and IS-2’s. A whole platoon of Tiger II’s purchased in 6 months for a total of $40…you can see why these Swqap & Sells are well worth the extra effort! Each one of those would be $25 in a shop.
  • The Italeri Opel Blitz can be more quickly assembled than the Roden ones I have waiting on the shelves, so it can be quickly made and pressed into use on the gaming table.
  • The 251’s will now be added to the waiting platoon of unassembled Italeri 251’s which I’ve been gearing up over the last few weeks to do (perfect timing!)…one of them being a 251/2 gets me a step closer to having two 251/2’s, which in itself is a step closer to a fully kitted-out Panzergrenadier motorised company.

The Sturmtiger and Panzer I were purchased because they were there. I’d like to have a platoon of Panzer I’s one day to be able to do early War…the Sturmtiger just seemed like a curiosity or a fun piece for a scenario.


5 Responses to “The IPMS Australia Swap & Sell on sunday was “a good day”!”

  1. Peter Stone said

    Let me know when the Tiger II are ready for action, and I’ll unleash the IS-2 and ISU against them…should be fun.

    • Eastern Funker said

      It’ll be next year. I am getting closer to finishing those Hetzers, then I want to do up more motorised recon becuase that recon game last year was so much fun! Tiger II’s will definitely be next year.

  2. Paul said

    Well done mate, seems like you had a good haul.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Yep, very pleased and a big contrast to last year’s one where I walked away with only 2 kits.
      Hoping your UK mission is going well!

  3. Peter Stone said

    Oh, I went thru my collection last night, and saw that I’ve got 4 x Tiger II as well. Something to keep in mind next year.
    Looking forward to another recon game, that’ll be great.

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