Other blogs inspire me 2

September 5, 2010

My mate Paul over at Plastic Warriors: 1/76 & 1/72 Plastic Soldiers, Armour & Aircraft has a set of instructions for modelling miniatures in trenches, dugouts and foxholes up on his blog. He put them up at my request, which was very kind of him.

I’d been watching his blog and others and seen plenty of good bases with slit trenches or in foxholes on them and often wondered how to do it. I’d never got beyond wondering as I’d never needed to represent my troops in such a way – until now. I have a nice little set of four (might end up only being three) figures that are going to become a Mortar Fire Control base, complete with some sandbags. I’d been thinking that to have them standing in a group with sandbags around them only going up to their knees would look a little silly – them being in a dugout or pit or foxhole of some description would be far more suitable…if I knew how to model it.

Paul’s kindly done this for me on his blog so we can all see how it’s done – ever considerate of him! There are two posts of instructions: first read Entrenched and then read Entrenched Two. You’ll end up with great results.

Hat off to you, sir!


2 Responses to “Other blogs inspire me 2”

  1. Paul said

    Aw shucks mate, twas nothing. We colonials have to stick together.

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