Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzers are ready to hunt

September 9, 2010

The UM Hetzers received their final bodywork in Tankoberg this morning and were photographed (when the bodywork was dry) at lunch. Here they are: . I’m very happy with them – just disappointed that it took me so long to finish them.

This is UM Models’ kit #UM 356, which is a Commander’s vehicle. I didn’t include the second radio mount which sits on the left side of the vehicle; I did utilise the remote-control MG and it’s shield which mercifully is included in the kit box, so you can build this kit either way.

As this vehicle began to leave Skoda and BMM (the two manufacturers) in midsummer 1944, I figured to paint it as a muddy vehicle, thus allowing it to represent the 3 seasons it was used in.

I attached the shadow/outline-disrupting foliage with ordinary PVA glue this time. My thinking was that I didn’t want to use plastic glue for it and certainly didn’t want to use any cyanoacrylate glue, as cyanoacrylate discolours surrounding paintwork meaning you have to paint the area where you use it again. PVA dries matt clear and, with the spray of Dullcote to seal & protect it, should disappear from view completely. I’m happy with the result.

I have so many tank hunter units now, more than normal tanks! I have Jagdpanthers, Marder III(h)’s, these Hetzers…I should really try to concentrate on normal Panzer III’s & IV’s, but they haven’t turned up at Swap & Sells this year! I don’t have enough of either III’s or IV’s for a platoon and don’t want to pay full price for kits either. Have to keep watching Ebay, I guess.

5 Responses to “Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzers are ready to hunt”

  1. Paul said

    Awesome work mate! I think PVA should never be underated as a tool for kit building.

    Nice work once again.

  2. Peter Stone said

    Great looking Hetzers. PVA is a great glue, used it many a time as well.

    • Eastern FunkeF said

      I’m finding out how versatile PVA is. I’m using it to glue my metal 15mm figs onto wooden bases, and they glue on strongly. For some funny reason I always thought PVA glue only made a weak bond…this last year I’m changing my mind and using it for many more types of bond than just flock to polystyrene or wood to wood.

  3. Peter Stone said

    I’ve been using PVA to glue figures to bases for years, it actually bonds much stronger than superglue.
    Hey, I finally stuck together one of those 76mmL41 model kits on the weekend, and based it along with a crew. Looks fantastic. Now I am going to make the other three guns, and also the 4 x 57mm guns too.

  4. […] When I started them, I thought that I might glue lichen on their sides to represent added foliage, as many German forces did to their vehicles in the last 2-3 years of the war. You can see a historical example of this ‘foliage as additional camouflage’ practice here. I’ve already done this to some of my vehicles, like my 234/3′s and my Hetzers. […]

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