Battling on with Hob-e-tac…

October 2, 2010

I’ve had some time inbetween various projects to continue experimenting with Hob-e-tac and the attachment of foliage clusters to tree armatures, withthe intetntion to perfect making customised trees (and use up all these tree armatures I won on E-Bay some time ago). I’ve mentioned using Hob-e-tac a number of times before, with this post, this post and lastly this post as the most important posts to date. I’ve taken it up again to experiment with some unwanted Woodland Scenics’ foliage clusters from a value pack to see if perhaps I was at fault, not the product.

I used a freshly-purchased bottle of glue and applied it liberally to the tree armature, branches and even trunk. I then put the armature aside for an hour to let the glue become tacky…this is longer than recommended on the bottle. I then applied the foliage clusters by first gently inserting and swirling/swishing the tree armature in a container filled the foliage clusters and then secondly by firmly pressing clusters into place with my fingers and the palm of my hand.

I then left the tree and monitored the success (or otherwise) over a week, making mental notes of what I found every 24 hours.

After the first 24 hours, one large cluster fell off when the tree armature was inverted and shaken to remove any loose and unstuck pieces.

At 48 hours, two more pieces had fallen off sometime in the intervening period before I was able to pick up, invert and shake the tree.

After 72 hours, another piece had fallen off.

At 96 hours a fifth and what was to become final piece had fallen off. Since then, the rest of the clusters have stayed in place and are not tacky as in a previous experiment.  Serious inversion and shaking has failed to dislodge any more pieces, even a few weeks later.

Applying the Hob-e-tac over all the armature, even right along the branches and into the trunk was a mistake, as the Hob-e-tac naturally flows downhill and gathers at the trunk, leaving unsightly blobby hardened glue lumps that would need to be painted over or require some surgery as they look out of place and ruin the tree, as you can see here if you look closely:  . One of the senior sales staff of Hearns Hobbies reminded me that deciduous trees rarely have the same density of leavers going from branch tips all the way back in and along to the trunk and along the trunk – so you should really only stick the foliage clusters on the extremities of the branches anyway! This is what I’m going to do next time, which will be a definite project, not experimentation. I’ll put Hob-e-tac on the extremities of the armature only, wait at least an hour, then apply foliage clusters. Then I should get good looking trees overall, where only minor re-glueing should be required…here’s another view of the experimental tree, showing how good it might look:  .


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