Researching WWII German reconnaissance units

October 9, 2010

I’m indebted to Gary Kennedy’s excellent website, Battalion Organisation during the Second World War (covering the major combatant nations involved) for providing very useful information about  German reconnaissance units during World War Two.

In preparation for another recon clash game with Peter, I decided to hit the books (and Internet) to see if I could find more information to flesh out what is already covered in the Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist rulebook. His site came up and I’ve found it to be first class, the other results I found on the Internet trailing well behind.

The section titled ‘German Motorised and Armoured Reconnaissance units, 1939 to 1945’ discusses reconnaissance units for the Panzer forces. Amongst his sources are translations of the German Tables of Organization, or Kriegsstarkenachweisung (KStN). Click on this link and start reading. My intention is to use this material in a game or two and then see it enter the next edition of the ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ rulebook.

Thanks Gary, yours is a terrifically helpful site!


2 Responses to “Researching WWII German reconnaissance units”

  1. Hi, great blog. I like the trees and Hetzer articles!

    I am building Berlin for the Battle of Berlin on my blog, along with other projects.

    Would you like to exchange links?

    Mike “Bunkermeister” Creek

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