From the archives of British Pathe (2)

October 14, 2010

Here are four more useful-for-wargamers-and-modellers films that you can view directly for free on the British Pathe website, including my own notes about content:

ILLUSTRATED COMMUNIQUÉ FROM RUSSIA  Film ID:  1075.12 – It’s 1943. Lots of different Russian artillery in action! Lots of winter warfare footage – Russians in their white snowsuits. Footage was probably vetted by the Russians so nothing too ‘restricted’ could be seen by West.

ON THE DNIEPER  Film ID: 1350.24  – 1944. Lots of shots of Russians under heavy MG and artillery fire as they advance in actions around the Dnieper. Lots of Russian artillery in action. See combat engineers in action. A German tank knocked out comes under heavy small arms fire as its crew try to bail out.

ON THE MOSCOW FRONT  Film ID: 1314.15  – Early model T-34s and also a smaller tank going into action in the snow. Lots of different types of fortifications – barbed wire fences, anti-tank ditches, anti-tank gun emplacements in the city. For Soviet armoured train model enthusiasts…there’s plenty of footage here, close-ups and medium distance shots from multiple angles as well as the train’s guns firing as part of artillery barrages.

RED ARMY SUCCESSES  Film ID: 1085.10 – Like ILLUSTRATED COMMUNIQUÉ FROM RUSSIA above, lots of winter warfare footage. An SU-122 going past. Footage of Kursk after its liberation.

2 Responses to “From the archives of British Pathe (2)”

  1. Jack said

    Hi there,
    I work in the British Pathe archive. Thanks for linking to some of our clips, we’re always thrilled to see new online communities discovering and using our free online film archive.
    Best Wishes,

    • Eastern Funker said

      Dear Jack, thanks for providing free preview access to whole clips! It is a fantastic service and an incredibly valuable historical resource. We modellers and tabletop wargamers are always looking for the “real thing” when it comes to photos etc., and the British Pathe archive is even better than still photos becuase it’s moving film!

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