Keep on truckin’…

November 12, 2010

I’ve done a little more research into this white metal truck I got as part of an EBay lot. Here are four photos of the vehicle in question for your perusal/appraisal:     .

I think that this vehicle is meant to be a 1/76 scale Krupp L3 H163 (m. gl. Lkw 3 to (6×4)), especially if you have a look at this particular photo on that linked site and then compare it to the above.

One reader of this blog has kindly suggested that maybe this white metal truck is meant to be a Krupp Protze. Oldtimer Gallery has info on the Krupp Protze here.

When I look at both vehicles on the Oldtimer Gallery and then look at what I’ve purchased, I think that what I’ve purchased was intended to be a L3H163 but the sculptor somehow got the extra wheels next to the driver’s cab from the Protze confused in their mind with the L3H163 and so the sculptor “carried them over” onto this sculpt, or thought all Krupp trucks placed spare wheels in such a fashion on all models of their trucks and so the sculptor added those wheels to any Krupp truck they sculpted.

Still, I’m open to further learned historical discourse about this vehicle.


3 Responses to “Keep on truckin’…”

  1. Paul said

    Mmmm interesting poser. Maybe a Kfz 72?

    Or a Einheitsdiesel?

    • Eastern Funker said

      Ooh, the second of the four photos on that link is definitely looking closer…that would indicate that what I have is a Kfz 72
      with an open tray back made by Mercedes…”The Mercedes version of the truck used a much smaller front fender, longer running boards and mounted spare wheels on both sides of the hood”.
      Sir, my hat is doffed unto you.

  2. Paul said

    No doffing required, I am an Intel Officer after all! (Or thats what I say I am…)

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