A second 234/3 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234/3) is done

December 14, 2010

I really enjoy making this particular Hasegawa kit…I’m not sure why. I guess it’s appearance just appeals to me – sleek and deadly?

This finished model has the crew member that is supplied in the kit and also has different colour lichen used as vehicle camouflage. Otherwise what you see is the same as what I did with the first one last year or so. Here it is as if being used in a game: .

Now for detail – closeups in three-quarter profile:

Getting a good photo “at ground level” isn’t easy with my now-ancient digital camera but I had luck with this one: and here’s some detail of the crewman, who I’ve named Hans: .

I commenced work on this kit as something to fill in time while working on those three Opel truck kits from earlier. That’s something I have been doing for a very long time and it helps improve workflow and productivity – while working on a group of vehicles or troops (all the same type), have a couple of completely different vehicles or troops to work on sitting on the side. That way, while you wait for the glue or paint to dry on the main group, you can work on something completely different in the meantime. The benefits are that you don’t get up and walk away and get distracted by other things whilst you wait for glue/paint to dry and you get more things finished (which means you can buy more things to work on in the future!).

I get distracted and may not return to the hobby tables for hours or days if I don’t have a ‘side project’ readily available, and that really slows down getting anything completed at all.

8 Responses to “A second 234/3 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234/3) is done”

  1. Paul said

    Great work. You are right about the look and feel about this armoured car. Nice comments about having a few things on the go as well. I am a great fan of this practice as well.


    • Eastern Funker said

      I feel that it’s the only way to keep momentum or rhythm up in this hobby, having other kits or figures sitting around to work on while you wait for paint or glue to dry on ‘priority’ kits or figures.
      I neglected to say that I usually have a terrain piece on the go too, but lately I’ve been too focussed on blokes and AFVs…

  2. Thanos said

    Great work there mate!

    I like it very much!!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks, Thanos! I like that particular kit very much. It’s cousin, the 234/2 ‘Puma’ by Hasegawa is also fun to make, but doesn’t look as sleek and deadly because of the (comparatively) long gun barrel…

  3. Peter Stone said

    Great work mate, looks fantastic!
    Hopefully in my few days off after Christmas I will put together my other 7 Soviet AT guns…

  4. […] camouflage’ practice here. I’ve already done this to some of my vehicles, like my 234/3′s and my […]

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