Finished winter whitewashed Wespes; and Second locomotive maintenance/storage shed part 2

January 24, 2011

The eBay 1/76 scale Wespes rolled off the production line at Tankoberg yesterday. To try to simulate snow and ice stuck to the treads and lower hull areas, I dabbed on Skull White paint, applied a protective coat of Testors Dullcote matt varnish to seal and protect the entire vehicle, then finally dabbed on Citadel ‘Ardcoat where the snow & ice had been applied, so that it would appear as glossy and shiny. The glossiness hasn’t show up in the accompanying photos, but is visible when you see the vehicles at closer range: . You can also see two new thickets in the photos – one a very long one that is meant to represent a boundary hedge or, in a pinch, bocage – the other a standard patch of what is generally known in wargaming circles as ‘bad going’.

My winter whitewash/winter camouflage technique still needs work. I think it needs further experimentation as well as further surveying of what other wargamers do. Techniques used by professional modellers are useful but very involving – I’m looking for a personal happy medium of techniques.


The second stage of doing the steam engine shed is to roughly paint the whole interior: . I’ve only used vertical brushstrokes for this. The small attached wooden section at the back needs to be redone, too.


3 Responses to “Finished winter whitewashed Wespes; and Second locomotive maintenance/storage shed part 2”

  1. Al said

    Very nice indeed, a difficult colour to work with at the best of times

  2. Paul said

    O for awesome. Nice work on these. You can tell the effort you have put into them.


  3. Eastern Funker said

    Thanks chaps, praise indeed coming from you two.
    Now I just have to get them to perform DURING A GAME…no early morale failures or rubbish ‘to-hit’ rolls…

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