It’s Truck Month

February 2, 2011

In conjunction with Paul from Plastic Warriors: 1/76 & 1/72 Plastic Soldiers,Armour & Aircraft and Al from 20th Century Wargames: Wargaming with mostly 1/72 scale plastic miniatures, I’m bringing you Truck Month. That means that during February I must start and finish a truck kit.

Like Paul, I’m going to be working on Roden’s Opel Blitz kit because I still have at least 5 that I purchased back in 2008 and, to this day, haven’t even been opened.

The first four stages were to:

  1. wash the sprues in very warm water with dishwashing detergent, in order to wash any remaining moulding residues off that may prevent good glueing or painting;
  2. rinse the sprues in very warm water to get rid of any detergent from the previous step;
  3. air-dry the sprues completely;
  4. undercoat the sprues.

Undercoating the sprues is complete:  , so now I can prepare for assembly.

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