Working on the second steam engine/locomotive maintenance/storage shed: part 4

February 9, 2011

Part Four has involved applying Scorched Brown to the roof tiles and Bestial Brown to the ventilation section between the two roof layers:

When that’s dry, I can work on the small wooden shed on the rear and the details.

I bought Scorched Brown on the weekend and it came in a new-style pot, thus:  . Nor enjoying using it because the lid doesn’t stay open at a horizontal or more than horizontal level. Having the lid at those levels is important to me because 97% of the time I only want tiny amounts of paint on my brush. After all, I’m working on 20mm stuff (and sometimes 15mm stuff), not 30mm or bigger items like standard Warhammer stuff. I don’t want to dip my brush into a deep reservoir of paint – just a shallow one like I do with the current (well, now old-style) lid.

I also tried to unscrew the lid to see if I can empty the interior and use it again as a mixing pot. I tried two different pots, even employing long-nose pilers…and couldn’t get the lid off either time. So I can’t use these new-style pots for making my own mixes, either!

A letter to Citadel is in order.


2 Responses to “Working on the second steam engine/locomotive maintenance/storage shed: part 4”

  1. Peter Stone said

    Coming along nicely. Shame Citadel keeps changing their designs. Last time I bought Citadel paint was 2006? and the lids were screw on.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Yes, the screw-on lids are great, or at least they are in my opinion. You did lose a little paint that built up around the edge, but you can’ty remove the top with these new ones which means you can’t clean them out properly which means you can’t recycle them when you make your mixes. Not very green/eco-friendly!

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