We love trucks because this post is on Valentine’s Day during Truck Month

February 14, 2011

Over at Tankoberg, the time for major assembly of the Roden Opel Blitz has arrived – the stage when the completed cab and completed tray are joined onto the chassis. Here’s a photo/фото of the three major parts before assembly:  .

With the first Roden Opel Blitz that I did, I botched up this stage. I had too much lean on the cab and the tray (sadly, the leans were both on different axes too, which makes the kit look oddly lopsided). So this time, I carefully read and interpreted the instructions and glued the cab in place at eye level to make sure everything was horizontal. It looked OK: . I then repeated this for the tray: .

From the left side at eye level, everything looked kosher. Then I checked all the other axes: from the front, there was very little lean to any side; the right side seemed fine and from the rear, some minor lean was detected. It was such minor lean I figued it would only really be noticed when held in the hand and inspected at a range of 45cm or less in very good light…which is not wargaming conditions. Success! Hooray! This time I did it correctly!

I then decided to gratiutously compare it to “the one I did earlier”. Here are the two lined up, from the side: . Now, to see the differences (and the errors with the first one I did), here’s the first one: and now the current one: .

See the differences?

  1. The gap between the cab and tray is much larger on the current kit;
  2. The cab on the earlier one is leaning backwards so that the top of the cab is hitting the tray, wheras on the current kit the cab is horizontal (possibly leaning slightly forward);
  3. The lean on the other axis has been (almost) eliminated.

I took notes, tried some stages of assembly different to last time and wrote recommendations on the instruction sheet so that the remaining 5 of this kit will be as succesfully assembled as this kit.

This morning I commenced glueing on the tiny remaining parts, like front numberplate (I have an idea for Paul about this) and tow hooks etc. When these little detail parts are all glued on, I can commence painting.


3 Responses to “We love trucks because this post is on Valentine’s Day during Truck Month”

  1. Paul said

    By jingos you are a sucker for punishment! Roll on production for the Blitz.

    I love the post heading, but the cook did not get it!

    • Eastern Funker said

      The post heading wasn’t some form of pun or trying to incorporate a pun, it was just the best I could do to try and say Truck month – Valentines Day – love the trucks as well as the people.

      I’ll do the other 5 Blitzes as a batch at a much later date. I have too many recon vehicles and armour to work on first.

  2. Peter Stone said

    I respect your patience in sticking these trucks together. I had a look at my Gaz AA kits a couple of weeks ago, and despaired at the number of finicky pieces. So, great job!
    Oh, I’m also chewing through re-doing the gun charts to-hit chances in the Panzerfaust rules, restoring them back to what they were in 3rd Edition. Once done I’ll run us both off a new set of rules. Will be a big improvement.

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