Truck Month results

February 28, 2011

Al over at 20th Century Wargames: Wargaming with mostly 1/72 scale plastic miniatures has completed a Bedford QLD, an Austin and a Matador…all fine softskins for the British Expeditionary Force and ANZAC allies. The Matador in particular has scrubbed up well with some good weathering. Good work, Al! In and of itself it’s not a beautiful vehicle to look at, with that snub nose and boxy shape…but in wargaming terms it carries a lot of troops and pulls some heavy weights, so they are good to have around.

From a different part of NZ, Paul at Plastic Warriors: 1/76 & 1/72 Plastic Soldiers, Armour & Aircraft emerges a winner, having completed four different trucks (when does the bloke sleep?!). He opened his account with the same kits as me, the Roden Opel Blitz. He then renovated and repainted Academy’s U.S. M35 2.5 ton cargo truck. As he got that done very quickly, he then completed a Landrover 1 Tonne Forward Control Truck. Then, with only 4 days of Truck Month left, he completed a Morris K2 Ambulance…with two days left, he snuck in a K6 Austin Fire Tender! Wow! Now, he bemoaned the quality of the flag decal for the Landrover FC truck but I think it adds a certain something, so I’m glad he put it on. In fact, he put the smaller tactical markings on his Opel Blitz too, so they look very official.

A great month by these two blokes, with beautifully completed kits ready for play. I’ve enjoyed taking part in their challenge.

4 Responses to “Truck Month results”

  1. Al said

    Cheers mate, actually same locality but he’s in the suburbs. Yes he’s a model making machine, think he does most of his sleeping at work actually – which would account for the long hours lol

  2. Paul said

    Mate, its not a contest! Just a way to get some kits out of the box.

    You and Al did bloody well, I am still haunted by the roden kit!

    I never sleep at work unless it’s a slow day. Al is about 30 minutes travel away, but Kumara is a different time zone…Its like the 1970’s out there!

    • Eastern Funker said

      I know it’s not a challenge…but to get the kit done in one month is a personal challenge for me! Sometimes kits can take me 3-4 months to finish, especially if I get distracted by making terrain or another kit.

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