Working on the second steam engine/locomotive maintenance/storage shed: parts 6 & 7

March 4, 2011

Whilst racing against the clock to complete my kits for Truck Month, I did finish off painting all the small details on the engine shed.

Last night I applied a good, thick coat of Badab Black (one of Citadel’s current range of pre-mixed inks) to bring out the shadows, bring out the details and also to represent accumulated coal dust and soot from the steam locomotives. As the shed had doors, I could only do one side of the doors last night, so this morning before going to work I did the other side. Provided everything’s fine when I get home, I can work on painting on a coat of dust tonight and then it’ll be finished by Sunday morning and ready for Dullcoting on sunday afternoon (when the weather and conditions are meant to be excellent for spraycan work).

I’ve got to ask though, what do they put in that Badab Black? It has an off-putting odour…had to close the doors to the Hobby Room to stop the smell wafting too far!

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