Photos of all the rest of the finished stuff from Jan-Mar 2011

March 5, 2011

As well as Truck Month and that shed, I did have some Sd Kfz 251/1s on the go. As of today, everything is completed and Dullcoted and getting stored in boxes whilst they await a chance to be played with in a game.

Time to show you photos of the lot. With flash and without.

Here’s the resin 8-rad Sd Kfz 231 that I got in those two big eBay wins last year:    . I think it’s 1/76 scale.

The Roden Opel Blitz – you’ll see I did include the perspex window panes:   .

Italeri’s 251/1 (I’ve had these sitting around for probably two and half years now – and I’m thinking a softskin troop carrier month may be in order sometime this year as I have some Dragon ones to do too):   .

Lastly, the Airfix engine shed. Both sheds have turned out a little differently (not withstanding the wooden end room being a different colour) but I like them both. Here it is:      .

Good to have all things off the tables and shelves and ready to be used.

The next things to be worked on are two Italeri StuG IIIGs and two Revell StuG IIIGs plus there will be new episodes of the continuing saga of Hob-e-tac, as I use it to make thirteen trees.

5 Responses to “Photos of all the rest of the finished stuff from Jan-Mar 2011”

  1. Paul said

    The 251’s look great. Something about strength in numbers I think.

    Nice to see some contrast with the shots as well, good idea that.

    Time for some numbers on those 251’s I think.

    Good post and great work.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Numbers? You feel I should have added vehicle id numbers alongside the Crosses on the side?
      I contemplated that, but looking at photos of 251s around Barbarossa and the year after, I couldn’t find any that did…that seemed to start with the shift to Dunkelgelb as far as I can see. Each vehicle is easily distinguished by me as wargamer due to rear MG-34 position and stowage on the side of the unit.

  2. Al said

    Some nice work mate, what’s next on the agenda?

  3. Eastern Funker said

    4 StuGs (2 Italeri, 2 Revell) and trees.

  4. […] Also, I finished painting up the building and industrial chimney/smokestack I bought at a model train sale back in November. I applied plenty of black as soot and plenty of black ink as fine soot/smoke: . Here’s the building by itself: and here’s the chimney or smokestack by itself: . Together, they could represent some sort of a furnace or smelter, a coal-fired electric power station or any other sort of industrial plant requiring the burning of lots of coal or wood. The colour scheme used was heavily based on that used for the Airfix engine sheds I finished last year. […]

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