The tents from Fujimi’s 1/76 “Diorama Accessory”

April 16, 2011

I bought Fujimi’s “Diorama Accessory” as a Christmas Present to myself a couple of years back, as I had an idea at the time about using the footbridge contained therein. When I opened the box, I decided that the footbridge was not suitable and that I would have to make a footbridge myself. This is something I still plan to do!

I’ve been trying to make some space on my shelves (the unbuilt kits are accumulating rather quickly) so I decided to undercoat the rest of the box’s contents that are immediately useful and shove the rest in the spares box. The only thing I deemed immediately useful were all the jerrycans…but then I thought it’d be fun to add some tents to a fixed HQ – so I undercoated the tents along with the jerrycans.

Then, because I was waiting for glue to dry while assembling all the StuGs I mentioned some time ago, I went and painted the tents. Here they are, in differing levels of sunlight:       . The colours are all fine – the camouflage pattern is not so fine. The camouflage is meant to be that of the Zeltbahn Splinter A type…I’ve sort of magnified it and then tried to have it repeating across the whole tent. Lots of room for improvement…but you never know until you have a go…


4 Responses to “The tents from Fujimi’s 1/76 “Diorama Accessory””

  1. Paul said

    Nice post. I have aways avoided this set myself as I think the entrance to the tent looks to neat.

    Good luck with the painting and you can never have enough jerricans.

    • Eastern Funker said

      It IS too neat…I considered corrective surgery but then the entrance would be too open, and my memory is that you fold tent doors outwards, not inwards, so I couldn’t explain things away that way…anyhow, these will probably only get used twice every ten years so it’s not like I’m going to be too embarrassed.

  2. Tents look awesome i can see an O group happening around a map out the front excellent work keep it up i love the posts

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