The trees have taken a sudden turn for the worse

May 10, 2011

I had based the armatures and will show you in detail very soon how I went attaching foliage with Hob-e-tac, but right now I can tell you that the first batch are ruined and I’m not enthusiastic about finishing the experiment. Applying watered-down glue to fix the Hob-e-tac’d foliage has caused the trouble…foliage has detached and the amount of effort to stick it back on is quite excessive.


5 Responses to “The trees have taken a sudden turn for the worse”

  1. Paul said

    Bugger! PVA it mate!

  2. Eastern Funker said

    I’m going to continue the experiments, but if I examine the dollar value of the time I’ve used so far to make these trees, then buying ready-made ready-based ones from model railway shops is the most economical way.

  3. Peter Stone said

    Did you know you can get Kwik Grip in a gel now?
    When you first apply it, it is very sticky, so probably perfect for foliage. If you leave it 20 minutes, you have to press it to stick.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Where do I go to get a sample – model shops? Bunnings? Mitre 10?

      • Peter Stone said

        I got it from Bunnings.
        Here is what it looks like:

        ie, the green tin, not the red one.
        I would recommend using as soon as you put it on, its not sticky after 20 minutes unless you press two things together.

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