From the archives of British Pathe (4) – final one for now

May 26, 2011

Now I’ve done all the searches I can. Exhausted all combinations. There are only three useful titles left worth looking at for wargaming the Eastern Front and they are:

THE HUN ON THE RUN video newsreel film  Film ID: 1350.11.  A German 2cm flak machinegun in rapid-firing action against Soviet planes, as well as 88mm guns firing against the same; Stukas in ground-attack roles.

UNTERNEHMEN KRETA ( GERMAN INVASION OF CRETE ) video newsreel film  Film ID: 2753.01.  Good shots of Paratroops getting ready for the drop and then in combat on Crete. (Okay, so this isn’t really Eastern Front. But it was the only vid I could recall finding that involved the Fallschirmjäger).

GERMANY INVADED video newsreel film Film ID: 1125.10.   Some US AFVs and softskins advancing into Germany. Good shots of German towns, railway stations and various buildings – very useful so that you can select the right terrain and lay out gaming boards appropriately. Or even better, purchase or build and then paint up the right terrain!

So, that’s it from British Pathe for now. If they digitise more content like those I’ve pointed you to in the future, then that will be great. What I might do is check in every year or so to see if they have added new content to the collection.

They do have films showing the liberations of concentration camps and death camps, all of it extremely graphic stuff. I am glad that this is available for the public to see. May no-one say it didn’t happen.


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