2 Revell StuGs and 2 Italeri StuGs

May 30, 2011

As promised, here are the photos of the four StuGs I’ve been working on while tackling the tree armatures over the last few months.

The group photo:  .

The Italeri StuGs:   – yes I deliberately did one without the MG-34 set up behind it’s shield. I did that for variety; for recognition eg. ‘Peter’s just blown up my 2IC vehicle, dang it!!!” and also because the default position was shield down and MG-34 stowed inside the StuG anway! It also added to the appearance that that StuG is en route to somewhere else and so isn’t meant to be expecting trouble, hence the jerrycans stowed on its rear deck. I’m modelling a StuG that I saw in a photo from the Bundesarchiv. Closeup photo of this StuG:  . Here’s the two of them one last time, from above:  .

Now the Revell StuGs:     . I’m very happy with how these Revell StuGs turned out – I was using the cammo pattern that Revell recommended –  – but I applied camouflage on the lower sides, where the return rollers and roadwheels were – unlike Revell, who advise to leave it plain DunkelGelb. Why leave those sides plain when they show cammo going to the very bottow of the lower front and rear???

Now I have a platoon of StuGs that I did myself. No more repainted dodgy Airfix stand-ins! To battle!


3 Responses to “2 Revell StuGs and 2 Italeri StuGs”

  1. Nice model and pictures!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks! When you compare the gun barrels between the Italeri and the Revell, it’s hard to know which is more accurate…Italeri looks a little too thick and Revell looks a little too thin. The Revell kit really does have great detail.

  2. Peter Stone said

    Congrats. I painted one StuG three in sideskirts with a similar camo scheme, but have not been able to motivate myself to do another.

    We’ll have to run a game where you do an infantry assault supported by the StuG platoon against dugin Soviet infantry and guns.

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