Another StuG? Yep, a StuG III C/D off the Tankoberg production line plus a Pegasus Hobbies Russian log building…

June 19, 2011

Many of the “other” things I’ve been working on the side for some time are now being completed. The Trumpeter StuG III C/D is a quite detailed yet simple kit to assemble. I was getting along with it so quickly that I stopped myself occasionally to make sure I wasn’t missing steps or pieces! The only real problem I had with it was the rubber tracks. They are one piece and have holes on one end and pins on the other, wich you press together and glue. The pins on my kit were perhaps two milimetres long and far too thin…they certainly weren’t going to stay in place under their own power while waiting for the glue to harden. I snipped them off, used cyanoacrylate and clothes pegs with bits of broken chopstick to get the tracks into position and stay in place.

I improvised a gun aiming telescope sticking out of the molded-open roof hatch by using a cut-off piece from a Hasegawa kit glued onto some leftover sprue. From more than a couple of feet distance it looks great.

It then received a Dunkelgrau paint job and rather than just Operation Barbarossa dust drybrushing, it got dust and then ink and paint to represent splashed-up puddles and the Autumn mud. Here it is:

I also had three other things on the go on the side:

You’ve seen the Horch resin kits before…I did four of them previously…I decided a couple of months back to do the remaining two on the side while waiting for all those StuG Gs to harden or dry. I tried a slightly different way of painting the reflection on the windscreen with these two. I like it better than what I did previously, but it’s still got a long way to go yet.

The log building is from Pegasus Hobbies, but I’m not sure which box or production/kit number it is, because I got it loose in an eBay job lot. It’s not the “Russian Farm Houses” (#7702) or “Russian Log House – Two Story (Large Karilian region izba)” because I’ve already got those. If you know, could you please let me know? They are great to paint as they have good, clean, well-detailed detail so you can really bring out highlights and shades.

I played a game of Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist on friday with Peter, but it wasn’t an Ostfront game. Photos but minimal report to come (as it wasn’t Ostfront).

8 Responses to “Another StuG? Yep, a StuG III C/D off the Tankoberg production line plus a Pegasus Hobbies Russian log building…”

  1. Bard said

    I think you can never have too many StuG’s (weren’t they the most numerous German vehicle produced in the war?). Really nice job on it!

  2. stuart said

    The mud looks really effective! You might want to add a few tiny spots of ‘splatter’ further up though to lose the ‘2 tone’ effect….. Nice work!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Do you mean further up the hull, so that there is less difference between the dark brown ink and the light brown mud?
      I’m always unsure about painting that.

  3. Peter Stone said

    Regarding those rubber tracks and the long pins, I believe the idea is to use a soldering iron or (flat screwdriver that’s been made hot after placing the tip on the stove) to melt the pin into a flat tab after you’ve put it through the track, which holds it together. I think my brother did this for me 25+ years back for a tank I made, I just can’t remember which system we used…

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’m too scared to do that, as i’m worried I’ll slip and melt my way through important parts of the kit! I still haven’t recovered from melting the roof of the railway station either….my chopstick&clothes peg&cyanoacrylate glue system works well enough.

  4. stuart said

    Yes, I used to work in an AFV (SP Artillery unit) myself and you’d be amazed the places that crud would splash on to. Even worse with no track shields, and don’t forget that the crew will be scrambling all over it without wiping their boots first 🙂

    • Eastern Funker said

      On certain vehicles I’ve tried to do muddy boot prints going to roof hatches, but in my eye it just looks like some paint was dripping off my brush.
      On this StuG, I also didn’t want much mud as I was trying to show the very start of the Autumn rains. But I guess that tanks don’t throw up sheets of water when they hit puddles like cars do? Tanks would just churn up mud?

  5. stuart said

    They do throw up a fair bit of muck – they also get ‘decorated’ by anything faster that moves past them. In combat it’s by no means a bad thing either.

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