17 June 2011: ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ – France 1940 game

June 27, 2011

As per the previous post, Peter and I decided to explore another time and place two fridays back…the time being Spring 1940 and the place being France for our second “Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist” game of the year. Only a brief description follows of what transpired – in fact, if you want it to be really brief, Peter (as the French) won a close victory.

The board was of a French country house or manor or large farmhouse situated in the middle of a large farm:   .

The Germans attempted a central and Northern thrust using Panzers and motorised infantry:  but French armour, beautifully camouflaged, burst from the woods across the small stream and upset the German plan:   .

The centre platoon of Panzers continued forwards towards its objective whilst a flanking platoon was forced to halt and return fire  but they were surprised by dug-in, very determined and well-aged French tanks whom forced them to stop for three turns (as per the purple die you see on the table).  German mortars were so disorganised that, even though on the table for nine turns, they never actually lobbed over a single shell:  and as Panzers were slowed knocked out one by one the French actually advanced and forced their opponents to retreat:   . The game ended with the motorised infantry failing to reach the centre of the table as French machinegun fire slowli inflicted increasing casualties and broke the German morale:  . I blame my troops’ loss on all the wine and cheese they had been pigging out on the night before. If only they stuck to beer and schnitzels…

It was an extremely close game, going right up till 11.30 at night. We tried out an airstrike by a Stuka (which was successful) and had both infantry and armour on the table. Fun! Next game is going to be Operation Barbarossa.

4 Responses to “17 June 2011: ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ – France 1940 game”

  1. Al said

    Cool, my favourite period, more pics please

  2. Ned said

    Hey Guys, another interesting looking game. Are they R35s that the French conducted their little counter attack with? Was wondering how they went, with their single man turrets and obsolete main armament the PanzerFaust Rules (and rightly so) make them pretty ordinary against enemy armour as an offensive weapon from what I can see. I have bought some for my little French army, so would be interested to see how they go!!

  3. Peter said

    Hi Ned,
    The small counter attack in photos 5 and 8 are indeed R35s. They fired many times but only managed to get about one hit, which may have tracked a Pz III. The range was too extreme for the 37mm.
    The FT-17s managed to hold him up but missed every shot (they were firing at the PzGrenadiers.)
    The main damage to the Pz IIIs was done by the Char D2s and Somuas, though they missed many shots because the Pz IIIs were moving across line of sight.

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