Entrenching my troops

August 16, 2011

At some time in the last 18 months, I bought some fortifications from Battlefield Accessories. The particular ones I bought have three sides and are made of dug earth reinforced by wood and topped by sandbags. You can see the four I bought and have finished painting and flocking here: . I thought they would be good for indicating which of my guns were dug-in or entrenched and which are not. Here they are with my PaK 40s: .

They are well cast from resin, are single pieces with minimal bubbles or flashing to deal with. I wash mine in warm-to-hot water with dishwashing liquid in it. I then undercoat them (when dry) with Citadel spraycan Chaos Black and they take Citadel Paints well.  Hopefully I’ll be using them in a game against Peter soon.

7 Responses to “Entrenching my troops”

  1. Paul said

    These look very good. Really nice painting and basing.

    A great purchase and useful terrain.

    Regards Paul

  2. Peter said

    Great look gun pits, the PaK 40s look great too. Looking forward to seeing how they go in our game.

  3. Bard said

    Those really look great. I may have to check out Battlefield Accessories.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Send an email, there’s still nothing on the website itself. Mike who runs BattleField Accessories can then tell you what’s currently available. I saw him & his trade stand at an Open Day three weeks ago, so he is active and looked to be fully stocked.

  4. 40kterminatus said

    They look very well done. 🙂

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