IPMS August 2011 Swap & Sell

August 23, 2011

Two days ago was the second and final IPMS Swap & Sell for the year. It’s smaller than the June one, as it’s not attached to any other modelling activity but it’s well worth a look for a bargain.

I was there early and there were some people ahead of me in the queue, which continued to grow. 20 minutes after opening, there was a good number who had come through the door, as you can see in these two photos: but it was not quite the queue of hundreds that I photographed back in June. I walked away with more books than kits this time: – ‘Stalingrad’ comes to me very well recommended, so it’s found it’s way up to #1 on my Long Books Reading List. I might even save it for the upcoming Summer hols?

It was a glorious day, the weather triumphantly heralding the approaching Spring. Bright blue skies, warm sunshine and clear air. The Swap & Sell was held at Essex Heights Primary School, which is up on one of the hills that surround Melbourne and give views of the city and surrounding suburbs when you perch yourself high enough up and on the correct side. With such great photographic conditions and with me on the right side of the hill, I felt obliged to take a snap and share it with all my overseas friends: .


2 Responses to “IPMS August 2011 Swap & Sell”

  1. Paul said

    Some nice purchases there. No fights then?

  2. Eastern Funker said

    I’m glad to report – all peaceful.

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