MiniArt’s ‘East European village house’ – third helping

September 6, 2011

I had been wondering what to do with the walls for this house. They were already white; two good coats of Skull White over a spraypainted undercoat of Chaos Black. The question was, how to represent weathering on those walls? How to show the effects of rain, dust, wind and whitewash deterioration?

I thought that what I’d do would be to ink the walls with a brown ink and, if everything looked OK, then drybrush some more Skull White on, give it a final light drybrush of Kommando Khaki and call it quits. Having looked at my homemade ink charts (the relevant ones for this post being available for you to view here), I decided to select Gryphonne Sepia. I gave the house as even a coating as possible, and just a single coating.

When I came to it 24 hours later, it looked like this: – with the camera flash on, like this: . I’d stuffed it. The house was too brown. I stood up and swore. I’d need to do a lot of drybrushing with Skull White to get the slight patchy weathered effect I could see in my mind’s eye.

So, since then I’ve been very carefully applying 2 more coats of Skull White to cover up my mistake. It seems the better way to weather this house would be just to drybrush some Kommando Khaki on to the double layer of Skull White and leave it. No inking at all.

The next post will be about the finished product.


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