MiniArt’s ‘East European village house’ – end of play and start of gaming

September 18, 2011

The MiniArt “East European village house” (kit MA72016) is complete.


It turned out quite well, and I learned about inking this sort of building…don’t do it. Far better to roughly apply semi-dried white paint onto a basecoat of black or very dark brown, and then simply drybrush some parts of the walls with a dustry colour to simulate weathering.

I have grizzled in a previous post about the chimney. Why does it have to be made of 4 seperate pieces which need to be glued together? (If you don’t believe me about this, here’s a scan of the assembly instruction sheet: ).

Especially bothersome when the four pieces are not equally sized, causing the finished chimney to have a lopsided appearance. Now, I could have corrected it with intense filing, but I feel I shouldn’t have to. The Pegasus Hobbies Rusian house chimneys have been two pieces, glue together well and sit very nicely on the roof – I don’t know why MiniArt have chosen what they have. Perhaps it’s to do with the waythe kit is moulded and cast.

I would have liked more exaggerated detail on the roof too, to really bring out the contours and depth of the thatching when painting. But still, as you can see from the photo, the roof still looks OK.

So, it’s the end of play with this one – now I can game with it.

Oh, and I was in the city last month and saw the barn. Didn’t buy it – I really want to get this instead.


4 Responses to “MiniArt’s ‘East European village house’ – end of play and start of gaming”

  1. Paul said

    Nicely done, all you need now is a garden!

    I have toyed with the farmyard set over the last few months, but it remains unbrought, just too much on the plate at the moment.

    Regards Paul

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’ve been holding off on gardens…because I wanted to do other things (like tanks and troops) and because I didn’t think I needed them. But I think two or four ploughed vegetable garden lots should be do-able this Summer, with caulk.

  2. BIG RICH said

    Nice work. Was it a fairly clean build excluding the chimney?

    • Eastern Funker said

      Yes, the build was fine, very straightfoward and quick. I used Revell Contacta glue for the build, seemed to work fine.

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