A first attempt at resin haystacks

September 27, 2011

I completed some resin haystacks on the weekend:

The colour is sort of OK, but I think I should have left more Desert Yellow visible…I had hoped the yellowness would be more prominent…but as a first attempt these aren’t too bad, in essence the colours are OK.

They are too small to be “active” pieces of terrain. You can see that they don’t block any LOS for the 20mm troops in the photos above. I even put them against some 15mm troops I have and they only just block LOS at 15mm…so I’m going to put them with my 15mm (non-WWII stuff) as “beauty” terrain (or eye-candy, if you wish) as they aren’t really blocking LOS there either, AND they are appropriate to the army, theatre and period I play in 15mm.

I had a problem with two of the four haystacks. As I said, these are cast as single pieces in resin. I washed these in warm-to-hot water with some dishwashing liquid and then rinsed them thoroughly in warm-to-hot water. They were then air-dried for a few days. All four felt normal to the touch at the end of that time.

I undercoated them using my spraycan of Chaos Black spraypaint (made by Citadel) which is widely used for undercoating miniatures. When I went to move them off their spraypainting cardboard box and back into my hobby room, two of them were sticky to the touch and two were dry to the touch. I thought this was odd, but have learned the hard way that this can happen with rubber terrain pieces – there is a chemical in the spraycan that makes the rubber permanently “sticky” to the touch.

I coated all four with normal Chaos Black (which is liquid acrylic) – and the same two stayed sticky to the touch. No paint comes off, but you get slightly stuck to the piece. I went ahead and fully painted all four, then sealed them with Dullcote. The same two were still just as sticky as before and I guess now always will be.

All I can tell about them is that the colour of the resin for the two sticky ones is different to the colour of the resin for the two “dry” or normal ones.

What has happened here and what should I do (or not do) next time? (Please note: These are not resin items I made myself). Any thoughts or ideas?

3 Responses to “A first attempt at resin haystacks”

  1. big_d said

    I have never had resin models go sticky on me. I have had the mold release cause problems with the primer sticking, and I have had the resin ‘soak up’ the primer pretty bad before, but never sticky.

    I am surprised that it is sticky after more paint and even being sealed. Really odd.

  2. Al said

    Nice work, and a couple of good posts

  3. […] Back in September I showed you some small resin haystacks I’d bought and painted up. I discussed how I had painted them and what I was trying to achieve with colour and effects when I painted them. I also asked about what it means when a resin item is still ‘sticky’ to the touch, as one of them was still ‘sticky’ even after being painted and varnished. […]

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