The dragon is roaring for the first time

October 3, 2011

Having finished those Panzer III L’s and M’s, I’m now trying my first kits by Dragon Models Limited (AKA DML). Three Sd. Kfz. 251/1Ds are on my table. When I get around to doing the Sd. Kfz. 251/10s that I have (also from DML), the three 251/1Ds will go with a single 251/10 to make a platoon. That platoon will then be for panzergrenadiers.

I must say what has been said by so many before me about Dragon’s products – the detail is exquisite, it really is. Fine rivets,;Mp-40s minus their ammo clips; intricate dashboards and so much more all contribute to really make these vehicles feel like true replicas.

I have had some issues with what little construction I’ve done so far. Not everything has sat as nicely as the instructions would have you believe, and there is definitely a technique to doing the tracks (some of them “snapped” – the glue softened them too much whilst fitting them into place and trying to replicate track sag). I also came up about 8mm too short with the tracks – they wouldn’t join together if I was doing track sag.

Still, it’s early days yet. I’m going to do the entire bottom half and then paint it, then put on the top superstructure, glue all the rest of the side and top components and then finish the rest of the painting.

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