“10 minutes spent on terrain each day keeps the guilt doctor away” – after Paul from the ‘Plastic Warriors’ blog

November 21, 2011

Paul over at ‘Plastic Warriors‘ has been ripping through terrain pieces lately. He commented two weeks ago that “One of the things I am finding while carrying out my scenery push is you can quite quickly put out lots of items if you just spend 10 minutes here and there.

At the time, I thought that he had made a good comment and moved on to other things. I wasn’t aware of the profound effect it had wreaked upon my subconscious until late last week, when each time I walked past my Hobby Room and felt that I didn’t have enough time to get anything meaningful done, his comment surfaced and screamed at me. So yesterday, I decided to act on this subconscious guilt.

I looked at the new trees I bought some months back that were sitting with some refurbished trees that were awaiting new bases. I thought to myself, “I’ll do them all at once!”. Then I fell into my usual trap of calculating how much time it would take to begin all of them and said to myself, “Nah, I don’t want to spend all that time just on trees”. Then I remembered Paul’s comment and though, “I’ll just start with the seven refurbished ones and only start the new ones when the refurbished ones are done and boxed away”.

Success! Then I saw the barbed wire fences that have waited for two years. I won’t do them all at once, I’ll just do two each time, amongst all the other things like painting 251/1’s and  assembling SU-85’s (СУ-85), until all are done. Thanks, Paul!


4 Responses to ““10 minutes spent on terrain each day keeps the guilt doctor away” – after Paul from the ‘Plastic Warriors’ blog”

  1. Paul said

    Good one mate, I am glad that the multi project is working for someone else.

    Pics of hobby room required!

  2. Bard said

    It’s very true. I find the only way I get anything done is when I give it 10-15 min. regularly everyday. Whenever I drop into not doing anything for one or two days, and trying to do a lot one day following that, it never works. The one or two “not doing anything” days always turn in to three or four… or ten. For me regularity, however short the time each day, is the key.

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