POSTMAN: “I have a parcel [pulls out a paper from his pocket] for a Mister J. Balowski, Special Delivery!”

November 24, 2011

A package arrives!

It’s from our man in Taiwan, Bryan! Nurse, scalpel! The first incision…

Carefully, carefully, keep going…

Now, remove all internal organs for examination…

6 Pak 40s and crew – medical name “servants”, for some reason…a set of Russian houses…the contents of a box of German infantry – oh, and look, there is a benign growth of German mortar teams! Fascinating!


Yes, another successful order from Bryan at Always Model. 3 packs of the Italeri PaK 40 with Servants,  a pack of Pegasus Hobbie’s Russian houses, a pack of Pegasus Hobbies’ German Mortars and lastly a pack of Italeri German Infantry.

Why 3 packs of the PaK 40? Here’s a clue…can you say “Eastern Funker now has a company of PaK 40s?”

I knew you could!


This post’s title is a line from my favourite ‘Young Ones’ episode, ‘Nasty’. Here’s a link to the script. Here’s a link to the first part of that episode on YouTube.

5 Responses to “POSTMAN: “I have a parcel [pulls out a paper from his pocket] for a Mister J. Balowski, Special Delivery!””

  1. Peter said

    A whole company of PaK40s? Guess I’m in trouble now…

  2. arkiegamer said

    I have a box of these Pak40s waiting to be built, as well. My first foray into the world of dunkelgelb!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Just be careful with dry-fitting/test fitting. I had one gun that I almost could not take apart again, so tight was the fit. Nearly broke the pin the attached the gun to the gun bed doing so.

      • arkiegamer said

        Ah, yes. I had the same issue with my Italeri Shermans. You also have to be careful and not glue the connections they say not to glue. Not because it will look bad, but because the tolerances are so tight that the tiniest amount of superglue will prevent the parts fitting together.

        It’s an impressive ‘problem’ for the manufacturer to have.

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