Model railways & toy trains Christmas sale, Nov 2011

November 29, 2011

On sunday morning I went along to the model railways & toy trains Christmas sale organised by MC Model Railways & Collectables. I happened to be in the neighbourhood (Box Hill) for another event, had a spare hour to fill and hoped that I might be luckier than my recent Croydon experience.

It was well signposted: .

The Scout Hall that it was being held in was filled with train stuff: . I was there looking at the scenery and terrain items. There was a lot more of them here than at the previous Croydon event…a huge amount of secondhand stuff and plenty of new items too.

I walked away with some short pieces of train track; two bags of Earth flock that had plenty of grit and texture pieces in different colours, making it look very realistic; a model building and a large industrial chimney/smokestack: . I plan to repaint the building to match the smokestack and then use them together as some sort of industrial building, maybe a small smelter or furnace. Thought it might look good for Stalingrad!

I plan to use the Earth flock for the new hills I’m planning to do this summer. My Woodland Scenics’ Earth flock looks a bit too uniform in colour and texture, thought this flock from a company I was unfamiliar with (SeeNiks) might be more appropriate and realistic.

2 Responses to “Model railways & toy trains Christmas sale, Nov 2011”

  1. Paul said

    That smoke chimney looks great. Good buys.

  2. […] I finished painting up the building and industrial chimney/smokestack I bought at a model train sale back in November. I applied plenty of black as soot and plenty of black ink as fine soot/smoke: . Here’s […]

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