Tempted by pre-made, pre-painted terrain 1

December 12, 2011

Yesterday I went to another toy train sale: . I thought that it would have different products to last week, but it was the same as last week, run by the same people. They run yesterday’s one as a monthly event…the week before was some sort of “one-off’  extra session.

There were some different bits and pieces, for example there was a second-hand building of an orthodox church in 1/87 scale that I very nearly bought; there were more trains and other bits and bobs. What caught my eye was pre-made scenery by Hornby Model Railways: . Pre-made, pre-painted walls really appeal to me. I’m happy to spend time painting up buildings, but would really prefer not to spend ages working on walls that I might only occasionally use and are more likely to suffer wear-n-tear (becuase of the way I pack and transport them).

I’m going to spend some time looking further at these products. They are OO/HO, which is 1/76 scale.


5 Responses to “Tempted by pre-made, pre-painted terrain 1”

  1. Paul said

    I think you are wise to research these as some of these can be quite pricey at places. Nice to work with though.

    Regards Paul

  2. Belgian said

    I say these skaydale houses when I searched for english buildings for the 1940’s.They are really nice but quite expensive aren’t they?

    • Eastern Funker said

      I was looking at them at a swap-n-sell/toy fair – I haven’t looked in shops for those Skaledale products, so I’m not sure what their price is in shops. I suspect that EBay and likeminded online auction websites might be good places to get them a bit cheaper.
      Of course, one issue to consider with pre-made, pre-painted terrain is: how much is the item being pre-made and pre-painted worth to me? If it is saving you time and the paintwork is really good, then that makes it harder. These Skaledale things looked pretty well done to me – is it enough, though, to justify spending $50 AUD per house, when you can buy an unassembled model kit house for $25 AUD?

  3. […] having posted last month about considering buying some pre-made, painted model railway terrain from Hornby, I have been doing some research about their suitability for Eastern Front wargaming. I […]

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