Armoured cars by UM Model 1

January 4, 2012

I visited a private seller who was clearing out unwanted model kits last week. Whilst browsing through a lot of Soviet light tanks, I found a BA-10 (in Russian, БА-10) by UM Models . Being fairly impressed with previous UM kits, I decided to buy it…$10 was a reasonable price and it would make a start towards building up Soviet recon stuff, of which both Peter and I are lacking.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I opened it, to find two kits inside: .

Both are two-thirds assembled. I’m hoping each bag has been labelled correctly! There are no instructions for either, but I can get them from Henk of Holland’s wonderful repository.

I decided to start with the bag labelled BA-9: . I’m unfamiliar with Soviet armoured cars (or Бронеавтомобиль in Russian) – it looks like it has a light-calibre main gun, maybe even a machinegun or automatic cannon instead of a normal cannon: . Some reading courtesy of the English version of The Russian Battlefield website confirms that it is a machinegun, a 12.7-mm DK machine-gun, and that this vehicle is a BA-9 (БА-9 in Russian) . For Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist purposes, a 12.-7mm MG is a HMG.

Now for the BA-6m (БА–6M). It’s in a similar state to the BA-9:  . Looking at it’s main armament, it does seem to have a 45mm cannon, like most later BA armoured cars do: . Both the BA-6M and the BA-10 had the same armament, so this vehicle also seems to be correctly labelled.

So all up, a good deal! A cheap, useful purchase actually yielded two useful, even cheaper, purchases! As Paul from “Plastic Warriors” says, “model on!”

As both have been partially assembled, I have decided to finish assembly of both before undercoating them. I’ve been doing some research about Russian armoured cars so I’ll be sharing more about them with you over the weeks and months it takes me to finish.





6 Responses to “Armoured cars by UM Model 1”

  1. Belgian said

    Wow, two armoured cars for $10 sound kind like a bargain! Especially those made by east-european manufacturers.

  2. Ben B. said

    I did not have such luck with my latest Eastern European model kit, an Ace T-72. Some flash, thick creamy plastic, complicated directions, worst of all parts that had filled in with substantial quantities of plastic. Anyway your kits look good, can’t wait to see them painted. Ben B.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Hello Ben,

      I’ve only assembled some PaK 38 AT guns by ACE, so I don’t have firsthand experience in assembling their vehicles. From reading various forums and talking with private sellers, I get an understanding that if you can get the first run of kits ACE make with their moulds, then they are good kits…later runs or re-issues seem to have extra flash and you need to do ‘dry fits’ before assembly to make sure everything fits…

  3. Paul said

    A really good buy and useful as well!

    Model on indeed.

    Regards Paul

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