Armoured cars by UM Model, part 2

January 11, 2012

I could only glue on a few tiny bits & pieces onto these models until I got up to the wheels. Now, the instructions state that the rubber tyres (and yes, they are made with real rubber!)  should not be glued into place, but simply fitted onto the (plastic) wheel hubs and then left alone. The completed wheels can then be glued onto axles etc.

I decided that I didn’t want to undercoat the rubber during undercoating of a completed vehicle  in case the rubber was affected in some way (I’ve had bad experiences with this with rubber terrain). I decided to undercoat everything, assembled and unassembled, before fixing the tyres onto the hubs. So, everything got undercoated.

The remaining assembly took comparatively little time. Here’s how they look, undercoated, assembled and awaiting a proper paint job – first the

BA-6M (БА–6M) and BA-9 (БА-9) together: .

Here’s the BA-6M (БА–6M) by itself: . This armoured car (Бронеавтомобиль, in Russian) is the more useful of the two to me, so during assembly I checked each sprue of both kits carefully and, if some parts on one sprue were more poorly formed or in worse condition than others, I made sure this kit got the best parts.

Now for the BA-9 (БА-9) by itself: . From a distance, this vehicle looks OK. A closer inspection shows the hull-mounted smaller machinegun is ‘bent’ in the middle. This was because the remaining light machinegun available on all the sprues (as one was missing) useable for this kit was broken in two, and this was the best I could do to repair it. Closer inspection also shows that the only accurate towing hook is attached to the rear right…the other three towing hooks I took from surplus Roden Opel Blitz sprues, so this BA-9 is being kept in operation by salvaged parts.

The next stage is a proper paintjob.

The lazy option is just to do overall Russian Green. Since so much of Russian stuff is already Russian Green (and a fair proportion of the unassembled stuff will end up Russian Green too) I decided to do some internet research to see about more interesting paint schemes/camouflage schemes.

Via the RKKA in World War II website, I found some useful stuff, most importantly a whole page on the BA-6 & BA-6M, featuring some recreations of actual camouflage schemes. Fantastic! The “BA-6 from the Separate Recon Battalion /1st Tank Division/1st Mechcorps, The North-western Front, Krasnogvardeysk (Gatchina) region, August 1941” looks like one to try! Oh, and back at the top of the BA-6 page, you can see a BA-6 camouflaged with twigs and branches on the move…

It’s an interesting camouflage (камуфляж) scheme, that one for the 1st Mechanised Corps – it’ll be a good challenge to reproduce. The Russians did camouflage some of their stuff, so always having boring Russian Green paintjobs/camouflage can sometimes be bypassed by us wargamers…just do a little research first.





6 Responses to “Armoured cars by UM Model, part 2”

  1. Thanos said

    Nice job on those!
    I’d go with Russian Green though….

  2. I can see that I will have to order myself three of these for a small playable unit. Judging by the silhouette, camo would look great on these. Thanks Eastern Funker I’ve been on the fence about these kits for some time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I think assembly should be fairly straightforward with these and I’m hoping they will cammo up well.
      Remember not to glue or undercoat the rubber tyres onto the wheel rims…I remember reading comments somewhere that this particular rubber is ruined if certain glues or paints touch it. Maybe do a Google search?

  3. Peter said

    Looking good, and great to see you doing some Soviet stuff. These are awesome recon vehicles. For me, I’d stick with the Soviet green, but I’m a sucker for everything being uniform lol. Oh, the best Soviet Green I’ve found is the one by Battlefront. (Though I’m curious to see how the camo turns out too. The Soviets did some lovely brown/green camo in 1943 on T-34/76s.)

    • Eastern Funker said

      The Su-85s (which I said I’d start work on some time ago) will be Russian Green. THat is, once I start on them…which has been skipped three times now…

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