The spares box and the bits ‘n pieces boxes

January 26, 2012

My colleagues Al over at 20th Century Wargames and Paul from Plastic Warriors have been talking about spares boxes, so I thought I’d add to the conversation by discussing mine. I have two ways of storing spares and leftovers…I have a spares box, where I store any leftover sprues that have useful parts on them, and I also have bits ‘n pieces boxes where I store all manner of tiny pieces that aren’t worth keeping a whole sprue for and have a definite purpose, such as pioneer tools or surplus headlights.

Here’s the obligatory photo: .

The spares box is in the top left-hand corner. I use an A4 photocopy paper box and put sprues in there. If I’ve butchered some sprues or I’m working on whole companies of vehicles, I’ll use plastic ziplock sandwich bags (middle of photo and bottom left) to store the sprues or bits of sprues. That way if I need some individual track links because I’ve used up all those on the supplied sprue, I go right to the appropriately marked sandwich bag (eg. Revell Panzer III) and there’s the right size parts for the right manufacturer.

The bits n’ pieces boxes (right side of photo) are fishing tackle boxes. In them I store pieces snipped off sprues like vehicle/pioneering tools, leftover machineguns, jerry cans, headlights…any useful single-piece parts. The long blue tackle box mostly holds vehicle stowage in the form of rolled up tarpaulins – I buy these stowage pieces at swap n’ sells where I can get them made in resin. Now, it is possible to make your own vehicle stowage…Paul from Plastic Warriors makes rolled/folded up tarpaulins out of spraypainted tinfoil. I tried what he did – it works reasonably well and is easy to do. But 4-6 rolled tarps in resin for $5? That’s pretty reasonable too.

So, that’s how I retain useful things whilst building and detailing my model kits.


2 Responses to “The spares box and the bits ‘n pieces boxes”

  1. Paul said

    I am gobsmacked by how tidy you are!

    Nice post.

  2. Al said

    mmm, very organized indeed

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