Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – German Gun sIG 33 with crew – what do you get?

March 4, 2012

It’s time to start work on my pair of Caesar Miniatures 150mm sIG 33 infantry guns.

Inside the box are four sprues – one for the gun itself: and three to make the 8-man crew: (although in that photo I doubled-up on the head sprues and personal kit sprues).

You have to assemble the crew. Each gunner requires two legs to be glued together, a torso to be glued onto that, arms to be glued to the torso, head glued to torso and helmet glued to head! See here: . The detail is excellent, folds in the clothing, curves etc. are beautifully done, as you can see in a close-up here: . These figures are going to paint up really well.

After glueing the bodies together, you have to glue the heads on, and then glue helmets onto the heads. Yes, really! Here’s the ‘head’ sprue – you get neck and then a slice of head, with full face detail, each face with different expressions: . Talk about attention to detail!

Then using the personal effects sprue, you can glue on ammo pouches, helmets, weapons, canteens etc. to your own choosing:   and the personal effects have folds, detail, curves etc., as hopefully you’ll see in this closeup: . Instructions for assembling the gun look pretty clear: .

There’s something missing, though – instructions to assemble the crew. I bought two of this kit, and no instructions in either. You get very small group photos of the assembled crew in action on the other side of the instruction sheet, but no clear indication of what each and every gunner should look like individually.

That being said, it’s the only negative to this kit. It looks very straightforward to assemble and has very good detail. The next post I do should be about assembling the gun. Assembling the gunners will be a seperate post or set of posts; I aim to provide seperate photos of how each of my gunners end up looking. Those of you who then decide to buy this kit can then make up your own minds about how you’ll deal with the crew.


5 Responses to “Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – German Gun sIG 33 with crew – what do you get?”

  1. Peter said

    The gun looks awesome and does not have too many pieces, but the crew? Three sprues, seems like insanity to me. I think I’d just pull out some 1:72nd Airfix figures and use them for crew…

    • Eastern Funker said

      Well, I’ve started assembling the crew, so we’ll see. They are beautifully carved and have fantastic detail, unlike Hasegawa crews whom are halfway to being plastic blobs…

  2. Paul said

    The thought of those figure constructions has now put me off them!

    • Eastern Funker said

      What? A veteren headswapper/figure surgeon like you???

      I’ve already the done the basics on four of them, they aren’t too hard.

  3. Peter said

    By the way, I’ve ordered a box of these too:
    Plastic Soldier Set WW2G20001 Russian 45mm Anti-Tank Gun
    Has 4 guns with 45mm L46, L66 and 76mm choices for each, and 16 crew.

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