Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – assembly of the sIG 33 howitzer itself

March 9, 2012

There is only one sprue in the box for the sIG 33 howitzer itself: . That means that assembly should be fairly quick and straightforward. On saturday I found I had some spare time and so I assembled one gun.

The first thing was to do the barrel, what I think is part of the recoil mechanism and also the angle of trajectory gearwheel: . The smaller detail parts looked fiddly to assemble, but in fact were very straightfoward – tongues and grooves (to use carpentry terminology) are clear and crisp on the parts and fit together very well, requiring no extra effort.

It’s not immediately clear which way the gearwheel is meant to be pointing…I did it in this direction as that way the supporting frame doesn’t block the loading breech at all.

Next was the gun carriage: . This was a bit fiddly as the two axles have to be put in at this stage, and one floats freely in the carriage frame pieces (this is intentional, according to the instructions). It would’ve been nicer if there was a raised ridge or somesuch so that after a certain amount of sliding they stopped…instead you are trying to get the loose axle to balance/stay in place whilst glueing a number of other things together at once – I found  that axle slid around a lot (I glued mine into place). I make it sound like it’s hard…it’s not too bad, but I do recommend a dry fit first so you can appreciate the problem before you attempt glueing.

Now it was time for the wheels and the gun shield supports: – if you cut the axle off the sprue poorly, you won’t be able to fit the hubcap over the wheel. More about this at the end. The gun shield supports have a groove a bit too big for my liking, but nonetheless they fit well enough to do their job.

The gun shield needs a shovel glued onto it’s front and a small sliding shield glued over the aiming slot, then the gun shield can go on – whilst doing it, I also did the crank wheels . I also did some of the parts that go on to the gun carriage.

Any remaining pieces now go on, and you’ve got a finished howitzer: .

Actual time spent cutting pieces off the sprue, removing excess plastic, checking fit and then glueing was about two hours.

I then assembled the second gun and that time was reduced to 90 minutes as I already knew about fit. Of course, ! was allowing a few 5 minute breaks here and there to allow the glue to harden enough to permit further construction.

I actually assembled the first gun over a 6-hour period during the middle of the day…I had some other things to do and so glued things in small steps and then left the gun for periods of 15 minutes to an hour to allow the glue to really harden. The second gun was commenced in the evening, done in stages, left overnight and then finished during sunday afternoon.

The guns look great when assembled – plenty of crisp detail that should paint up really well.

I mentioned that you need to cut the axle off the sprue carefully. Here’s detail of the axle on the sprue: – right in the middle of the photo. See all those different width increases? Well, I cut it off wrongly – cutting off the first width on one side (I thought the first width section was still part of the sprue). My advice – with this axle, cut it off the sprue where the curve is narrowing and then do a second, finer cut of the millimetre or two of excess plastic once it’s free.



5 Responses to “Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – assembly of the sIG 33 howitzer itself”

  1. Great step-by-step for a lovely bit of kit.

  2. Paul said

    Bloomin well done funker! This looks great for such a tricky little kit. What make of cement do you use.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Revell’s Contacta glue, their standard one for assembling plastic kits. It’s not an instant cyanoacrylate glue, it’s only for plastics…usually you hold parts together for 20-30 seconds and there is enough of a bond, but I was going super-carefully with these.

  3. Peter said

    That’s a great looking model, can’t wait to see it painted and based with its crew.

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