Attention, Melbourne-based model kit builders…

March 29, 2012

There is a model kit swap ‘n sell on Sunday 6 May 2012!

Supported by Model Art Australia, Yarra Ranges Council and Rainbow Meats Chirnside Park, proceeds from the day will go to the Occasional Care Program, providing assistance to families and children with special needs.

The venue is the Chirnside Park Community Centre, Kimberley Reserve, Kimberley Drive, Chirnside Park 3116. Those of you who love your Melways will find it on map 37, gridref F3.

Admission for buyers is $2 with tickets pre-sold outside the door, and there will be a BBQ & refreshments available for purchase too. Kickoff is 10am, final siren at 2pm.

If you wish to sell some kits, then a table reservation costs $15 and you need to get in touch with Rod Hoysted.

If the day is a success, I heard that there’s a good chance it’ll become an annual event.

So, come along and buy a model kit or three, have something to eat & drink and know that as you’re doing so, you’re helping a really worthwhile cause.

(No, I’m not affiliated with these people or have been pressured to post this, I just want to help them my own way.)



6 Responses to “Attention, Melbourne-based model kit builders…”

  1. Ben B. said

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great event, I only wish I could be in Australia that day.

  2. Ben B. said

    I’m afraid not many. I live in a rather rural area. We did have the giant IPMS-USA event near us a while back and I usually make it to a HMGS event lately. The best I get is mail order and HobbyTown USA. That is probably the main reason I like the various blogs and websites, they’re about all I have.

    • Eastern Funker said

      I am spoiled for choice, then. We have one in March, the IPMS big one in June, an IPMS little one in August and one more in November…now we’re going to have a fifth one in May.
      Do you pick up much on eBay?

  3. Ben B. said

    No, I may I may in the future though. I get most of my figures (54s and 20s) from “The Toy Soldier Company,” massive mail and internet order co here in the States. I get my models from EHobbies, they have almost every kit made recently and usually discounted.
    You are lucky with IPMS around you! We had the National convention near here a while ago, that place was amazing! I think they had three massive convention halls just packed completely.

  4. […] was the first of what will hopefully become a regular swap ‘n sell in Chirnside Park. Mrs Eastern Funker joined me for the drive and we arrived here: […]

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