“Oh, wow! Techno-fear! It’s happening again, all the machines are ganging up on me!” – Neil, The Young Ones, series 2 episode “Bambi”

April 3, 2012

Yes, the machines ganged up on me on sunday night, just as they do to Neil. I spent part of the morning taking photos of my completed Caesar Miniatures sIG 33 gun crew; had perfect conditions with nice natural light, had a white backboard and all…

I plugged my old digital camera into my old Windows XP PC (this camera won’t talk to my current Windows 7 Ultimate machine), the photos copied across and I was just starting to edit them when I told the camera to wipe them from the camera digital card. Fine, no problems. But the folder on my old PC was somehow still trying to talk to the camera, even though the message had popped up saying “Transfer completed – please detach USB cable”. I tried to copy the folder from one part of the old computer to another, and then delete the folder in its old location…and wiped everything. My beautiful photos. They weren’t anywhere, not even in the Recycle bin. All this stuff I was going to show you all. A more substantial blog post than some of the last few.


Sorry all. You’ll have to wait to Good Friday or something now, when I can take daytime photos again. Then you’ll see.



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