Would YOU like a free copy of the current ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ rules?

April 8, 2012

You would? Well, Peter has placed the most up-to-date version (4th edition, version 1.05) which he and I currently use at a new hosting service.

Click on this link


and it’s all yours, and for free!

WWII rules to cover all theatres of war: Europe, the Pacific, Eastern Front, Western Front, Africa – it’s all here! While intended for 1/72 and 1/76 scale figures and vehicles, you can go smaller. All the major and many of the minor nations (including Belgium, Rumania and Hungary) are included. It even has rules for amphibious, parachute and glider assaults. And currently, it’s FREE!




One Response to “Would YOU like a free copy of the current ‘Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist’ rules?”

  1. Stephen said

    Thanks for the link. I’ll update my copy. I haven’t used PzF for many years but (other than a few minor errors), the weapons charts and army info sheets are superb!

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