Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – almost finished – sneak peek!

April 15, 2012

They are based and flocked.

They need some tiny fixes to where things didn’t go so well (or too well!) during the flocking process, and I also realised after they were flocked that I hadn’t put a coat of dust on them. Two sets of things to do before I can Dullcote and claim them as finished.

Here’s a sneak peek: – aiming to have them done by the end of next weekend.


8 Responses to “Caesar Miniatures 1/72 scale Kit 7202 – almost finished – sneak peek!”

  1. Al said

    Nice work, a very good set

    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks Al, it is a good set, and if I see them at swap ‘n sells I’ll buy more of them, just to get the great gun crew figures. Many great poses and you can adjust them further to your own liking – can’t lose!

  2. donnamariefoster said

    Super effort I think. Lots of crew figures which is great.

    Well done.

  3. Peter said

    Looks great, the drybrush weathering will look good too. However, not looking forward to what those beasts will do to my poor Soviet infantry on Friday…

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