A new review site, for soldiers of one side of the Ostfront

April 20, 2012

Cristian Florescu is going beyond his periodic reviews on the Braille Scale Discussion Group website and has launched his own website, where he reviews 1/72 (and some 1/76) German soldier sets.

He’s called it ww2germans.com World War 2 Germans in 1:72 scale, or just “ww2germans.com” for short. On it, he has gathered together all his previous German soldier figure set reviews and will be posting new ones.

I think his site will be a useful extension or addition to the well-known Plastic Soldier Review website. Plastic Soldier reviews figure sets from all periods, from the start of civilization through to today.  World War 2 Germans in 1:72 scale is exactly what it says it is – therefore its descriptions can be more detailed than Plastic Soldier’s.

So – who’s going to start a site for their opponents on the Ostfront?


2 Responses to “A new review site, for soldiers of one side of the Ostfront”

  1. stuart said

    What a grand idea that would be! I wish I had the technical know-how to do it. Meanwhile, here is the next best thing http://forwardtothewest.blogspot.com/

  2. Stephen said

    Thanks for the link, will keep an eye on it.

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