It wasn’t just the Germans and the Russians on the Eastern Front…

May 11, 2012

…there were Romanians too, as allies to both sides – with the Germans from 1940 to 1944, and then with the Russians 1944 until the end of the war.

I found a great website all about the Romanian Armed Forces during WWII, called Romanian Armed Forces in the Second World War. It has Orders of Battle (OOB), a discussion forum, details about weapons, details about notable battles etc. I found it while looking for information about personal/portable flamethrowers and it brought me to this page about Romanian Army Pioneers (who used German-made portable flamethrowers).

I haven’t explored it too much, but so far it’s been informative. The discussion forum has yielded photos, which are always helpful.

Research on!


4 Responses to “It wasn’t just the Germans and the Russians on the Eastern Front…”

  1. Ben B said

    Nice looking site. The Italians were there in some force also I think, you could always use good old Airfix guys for them

  2. Stephen said

    Have been using Romanians for about 20 years. The ones I have been using are the Airfix Italians. They are now in to get a total re-base, bit of a repaint and, possibly, merge with a couple of packs of the Hat Romanians.

    I am a total advocate of It has so much almost unobtainable information. The other reference I would recommend is Mark Axworthy’s superb book “Third Axis, Fourth Ally”. Have read it about 4 times.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Glad to know that it really is a good site.
      I hadn’t thought of using the Airfix Italians as Romanians…I’ve got the ESCI Italians – do I just cut the crows’ feathers off the helmets?

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