Final Sd.Kfz. 251/9

May 14, 2012

On saturday, I completed a Hasegawa Sd. Kfz. 251/9 that I was doing on the side:     . I know have two sections of two vehicles each, or one platoon of four vehicles. I actually only need two (a section of two vehicles) but at the time I did the first two I had a third, and did it up at the same time. I got this fourth back in January via a private sale and the price was fantastic, hence why I bought it.

(Plus, a platoon of fire support that can also transport some footsloggers…worth trying even if I sell the second section off later).


Weather was pretty horrible for the rest of saturday and all yesterday, so I wasn’t able to Dullcote and photo some buildings I’m working on…




6 Responses to “Final Sd.Kfz. 251/9”

  1. Peter said

    Very nice, good camo scheme and the weathering worked well too. Yeah, weather was shocking on the weekend, so I took advantage of that on Saturday too.
    I’ve just received in the post a box of Plastic Soldier’s 45mm ATGs, and 3 boxes of KV-1 and 2 boxes of Pz-IV. I’m taking photos as I work on ’em so you can run them on here like you suggested. (KV’s took about 15-20 minutes each to assemble.)

  2. stuart said

    Nice job! One small point though (a the risk of sounding like a rivet counter) the tactical number is wrong for a 251/9. These were in the (4th) Heavy Companies of each battalion, so the number should start with either 4, 8 or 12

    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks Stuart,
      The numbers that I used (241, 242, 251, 252) were inspired by a photo of a destroyed GrossDeutschland 251/9 that Elena Filatova
      has on her website, and you can see it here (if you scroll down a bit)…that one is tactical number 246.
      I follow the tactical number system but don’t actually ‘marry up’ exactly my tactical numbers to actual vehicles in bulk…it’s more to know where my platoon commander or company commander is.

      • stuart said

        OOPS! I stand corrected, Sir!
        A bit of lateral thinking shows these 251/9’s would have been the pair of 75mm infantry guns found along with the mortars and MG’s in the schwere platoon at company HQ, as opposed to the six vehicle cannon platoon at battalion level.

        So the model depicted is from the infantry gun section of the 4th (heavy) platoon of the 2nd company.
        My apologies!

      • Eastern Funker said

        No need to apologise. I’ve learned something from you – that battalions also had platoons of these – I didn’t know that before.

  3. Thanos said

    Nice painting mate!

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