Francheville 20/0 brushes: just my bad luck, or am I unaware of something?

May 19, 2012

Seems like every model and hobby shop I’ve frequented in the last 6 months has not had a single Francheville 20/0 (the smallest) brush in, or has decided to change to another paintbrush company AND that the new paintbrush company doesn’t go that small! Another fruitless expedition today…and tonight, a search of EBay turns up nothing too…

I can’t find them at swap ‘n sells either.

I need them for 1:72 scale painting…I use them extensively for painting figures (faces, belts, straps, wooden handles on weapons or ETs, moustaches) and they are useful for vehicles too (inking hatch outlines, numbering, national recognition, unit insignia). I also use them for 15mm scale painting (but that’s not WWII).

Is something going on that I’ve missed? Are shipments to Australia of their smallest brushes slow? Are model shops not interested in the 20/0 Taklon Round anymore? Do I need to be buying them online?

I’ll miss them, I’ve been using them now for the last 10 years.





One Response to “Francheville 20/0 brushes: just my bad luck, or am I unaware of something?”

  1. Peter said

    What a shame, I still have some and have been using them to decades too. They have gotten out of brushes from what I read. There is another brand Sable 20/0 on ebay though, looks very similar.

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