“Migalo, migalo, migalo – where? At the Australian Model Expo 2012 swap ‘n sell!” – with apologies to Franco Cozzo

June 11, 2012

I got there later than I normally would, 9.30am. Already 80 people in front of me:   . I joined the queue, but after five minutes spotted fellow NWA’er, raconteur and all-round good bloke Sean 6 people behind me, so I gave up my spot to drop back a few spots and hang out with him, passing the time shooting the breeze. Here’s the queue ahead of us:  . Now, in previous years I think there would have been more people ahead of us at that time of the morning, but this morning was very chilly…just 5 degrees C, and it  was only 7 degrees by the time I got home at midday. (The warmest it got today was 10 degrees, at 4pm…the sun only broke through the heavy fog at 1.30pm…)

The doors were opened spot on time and the queue moved well, no jumpers from where we were. I said hello to Neil, Jon and Michael as we moved around inside, also from NWA.

Inside was arranged as per normal except there was only one side of tables in the middle of the room, instead of two. This meant that there was actually more elbow room and it didn’t feel so claustrophobic. I must remember to take my glasses next time, as the lighting wasn’t good for me and I was squinting a lot trying to spot desired kits.

This time, there was plenty of 1/72 – but much of it I already had. I did come home with lots of loot, though – here’s a photo of the treasure:  . The first three columns of kits were all from the one vendor. 12 kits for $160.

The Nashorn was only $7 – an absolute steal for an unopened kit, so I bought it even though I currently don’t need it. I was stoked to find another Academy set of US vehicles. As I said before, the Russians loved those amphibious jeeps – see this link.

The little Renault FT17s with 37mm guns are fast-build kits, 2 in the box. They are the beginnings of my Romanian forces!

What was really good about today was to get the 8 Panthers. I need one more of each of those kits to make full-sterngth platoons of each. Then, when complete, they join my already completed full-strength platoon and company HQ vehicles, to make an entire company of Panthers. Grrrrrrraarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


PS: For Ben and Stephen, here are the promised ‘drool’ photos in their original 2304×1728 format:

           …and that’s a snapshot (pardon the pun) of what was there…there was lots more…


8 Responses to ““Migalo, migalo, migalo – where? At the Australian Model Expo 2012 swap ‘n sell!” – with apologies to Franco Cozzo”

  1. Ben B. said

    Thanks Mr. Eastern funker, very nice things indeed! The first two drool pictures are especially tempting (the Leopard 2 I believe is in one of them, along with the “jolly green giant.” Looks like some nice finds for you too; you did miss one panther in picture 2. Good deal on the Dragon kit too, I did find one kit unopened though for 5 usd though so I still won. Thanks for posting

  2. Peter said

    Wow, that’s quite a haul you brought home! Panthers galore. Do up the Panther’s as ‘D’ model and we can recreate Kursk, though we’ll have to use special breakdown rules, but with a discount on the PV because of it.
    Oh, I’ve finally got stuck into painting my KV-1s models by Plastic Soldier.

  3. Paul said

    I agree with Al. a really good score!

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